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04:07pm 14/11/2016
mood: Hopeful
Is this group dead for good? I'm in Columbia and have only found a couple of furs here! I'd love to meet more, and if this group was dead it would be pretty awful. There don't seem to be a lot of furs here anymore, but if there were once enough for this group to exist then something had to have happened...
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Oh, hello everyfur~ 
12:13pm 12/04/2012
  I'm a current Mizzou student. Just thought I'd say hi.  
New MO furry Group 
07:47pm 25/03/2012


I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything, but Rolla has created a furry group:


Check it out and welcome them to Missouri!

Anthrocon this year? 
10:54am 07/03/2012
  Hey, everyone.  I was wondering if anyone was wanting to go to Anthrocon this year.  If so, and you would like to carpool, I'd be more than happy to drive.  Also, my friends and I have a space left in our hotel room for the con, so you could stay with us as well.  Just let me know, and I'd be more than happy to tell you all the details!  
New Years! 
12:18am 01/01/2012

Happy New Years all. Hope it goes better for than 2011. Have a great year!

10:41am 15/12/2011
mood: chipper
Well it's that time.

Hi all,
My time in Columbia is coming to a very quick end. I'm packing up and moving back to KC today! It's been great being your moderator and getting local furs together for some fun times. I'm sorry I wasn't able to do more.

This also means that I'm looking for someone to replace me as the LJ's moderator. Please note me if you are interested or have suggestions of who I should talk to.

Thank you once again for everything. It's been great!
Weekend Activies!!! 
11:48am 30/11/2011
mood: thankful
Good Winter Everyfur!

Here are some meet events I think we might all enjoy:

Living Windows Festival

Friday, December 2, 6-8pm. Meet at Slacker's then head west on Broadway.

District merchants have spent the last few weeks gearing up for this year´s Living Windows Festival. On the evening of Friday, December 2 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., participating businesses will be staging live performances of popular holiday scenes in their windows. This annual festival is a celebration of the holiday season and marks the beginning of extended holiday hours for many businesses in The District.

Live window displays are the main feature of the evening´s festivities, but festival goers are invited to enjoy many other activities throughout the evening, including:

· Open houses

· Holiday treats and refreshments

· Carolers and other holiday music

· Free carriage rides through downtown

· Live nativity scene

· A visit from Santa Claus (Stop by the Landmark Bank to see our visitor from the North Pole-and don´t forget to bring your camera!)

And remember to visit the North Village Arts District at Walnut & Orr as well this year!

For more details about participating shops, keep an eye on our website.

I'll start our furry tour of the Living Windows Festival at 6pm in Slackers's "Rockin' Around the Christmas Wii"

I'll be there til around 6:20 then start heading west down Broadway while taking detours down 7, 8, and 9th streets, to catch some of the Free food and Treats that are offered at places like the Candy Factory and Missouri United Methodist Church(?). I'm sure there will be others, but overall, it should be a great time. Look for me wearing the HUGE Santa's Hat.

Lakota Coffee Shop Fur Meet!!
Saturday, December 3, 2pm -?pm

I'm once again going to try to take a break and go to Lakota coffee shop around 2pm on December 3rd. Hope to see you there. It's going to be a great weekend!

Message me if you want my phone number! Thanks.
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03:46pm 25/11/2011
mood: cheerful
Hello everyfur!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! Mine was awesome. I got to reconnect with some friends I hadn't seen in months, and I got to eat some amazing food and pie. I also got to see the Plaza Lights turn on.

What did you do this Thanksgiving? Enjoy what's left of Black Friday. Remember Cyber Monday is coming up and December is close behind. Good luck with all the various projects and work everyone is up to!
01:09pm 09/11/2011
mood: chipper
CANCELLED!!! (I'm swamped with two massive project due Monday. If I don't turn them in, I don't graduate. Thank you for understanding).

Hi all,

I'll at Lakota Coffee Company on 9th Street (24 South Ninth Street, Columbia, MO) from 2pm to 3pm to enjoy a smoothie. Feel free to join me! ^_^

I can't guarantee anything except a chance to hang out, talk furry, and enjoy good coffee (they have bottomless cups!) before the weather turns bad again. See you there!
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St. Louis Furry Activities  
12:24am 28/10/2011
  *professor voice* Good news everyone...

Just a fyi for everyone out there that will be attending our shindig this, Saturday we are located at 8125 michigan ave. St. Louis MO 63111. For those who are attending, please email me off list (Kota Wolfrunner <kotawolfrunner@gmail.com>) so I can get a head count of how many to expect here AND to let you know what apartment number it is. Words were going around saying about 20 peeps will be here but I want to make sure we are prepared for such a party. If your'e bringing a friend, please let me know ahead of time. A fur I recently talked too was confused on which larty was who's so this is an email shoutout to everyone and a FYI. We do live in an aprtment setup so if you intend to spend the night, please please consider that we do have neighbors around so around 1am we do have to keep the noise level down. On another note, for those spending the night, PLEASE bring blankets and pillows or even an air matress. We have one air matress to blow up but it can only hold so many furries :p that and we have concrete floors so if you intend to spend the night but come unprepared...I will say sorry in advance.
As far as food goes, if you can bring snacks and drinks that will be greatly appreciated and if you want to bring a dish for everyone to enjoy, by all means, go in ahead. Noko and I will be working on foods together, but with so many furs, food may be tricky so please bring what you can. Party snacks, party trays, anything festive *wags*

whelp, I think I just covered a good portion of the FYI's, if any of you have any concerns or questions, please email me off list and I will answer to the best of my abilities.

~Peace be with you all~


Sorry all! I totally forgor to mention something else about the party but if any of you want tto bring games. GO FOR IT. This is totally a gamer/nerd house so if you have a board game, vgame, party game you aant o bring on over, please do! I remember a large group of furs LOVE playing apples to apples (personally I like my drunken jenga ;) ) or even those hardcore gamer furs who like to play call of duty, smash bros, or even halo. If you got the game n controlers. Bring em. We have xboxs, a wii, and..that's about it. Lol we have one TV so we must play nice and decide on a game altogether. After y'all decide go ahead and pwn each other for all I care lol

That's all I wanted to say, like I said before in the previous email, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know! :D

Springfield, Missouri Furry Events and Updates (Repost from Missouri Furries Yahoo Group) 
11:23pm 27/10/2011
mood: busy
Springfield Furr-Meet XXI - Vote and Bowl Megameet

Presidential Elections and Bowling Tournament - November 19th
This will be the most important meeting we've had in almost 2 years, as we will be voting on the new President of the F3 Convention and other positions. Please mark your calenders, arrange time off, save up for expenses, and anything else necessary to ensure you can attend to vote. After the meeting, there will be a meal break before the bowling tournament.
When - November 19th at 12:00 NOON
Where - In the Story Hour Room, at the Library Center (4653 S. Campbell Ave.).

Furry vs. Anime bowling tournament
One of the local Otaku clubs is teaming up with Missouris Furries for a friendly bowling tournament at Battlefield Lanes.
Fursuits and Cosplay is welcomed. However, nothing menacing/scary for children and NO WEAPONS (fake, real, toys, or peace-bonded) will be allowed. We have strict instructions from the management. Both the Missouris Furries and visiting Otaku groups must adhere to the code of conduct while attending: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3534029
When - November 19th, 6pm
Where - Battlefield Lanes (1127 E Battlefield Rd)

Need-to-know Info
- Each game of bowling is $3.50 and Shoe rental is $2.50. Bring enough money for at least 1 game and shoe rental.
- Again, costuming is allowed, but nothing frighting and nothing that looks like a weapon is allowed.
- Please be as punctual as you can for the vote meeting to ensure you don't miss anything important

The position of President and other positions are open to all members who wish to run
If you would like to run for President or some other volunteer position, simply make it known on our FA main page or Journal, or send us a note or email. You MUST attend the November 19th election to vote and/or run in the elections.

In the running for Presidency:



Running for other positions:

stitchfan running for F3 Public Relations and Press liaison

In Other News...
Anyone interested in Halloween Fursuiting? Post a comment.

Upcoming Meets

- December - Possible holiday gift exchange party? Please Comment.

- January - No plans yet. Open for suggestions

- February 18th - VisionCon - Springfield's most epic convention!

Hope to see you soon!
Report from Otoberfest 
03:14am 23/10/2011
mood: productive
Wow. What a trip! I hope you all try to make it next year. This was a lot of fun.

Yeah, things kicked off at 8am, but it was well worth it. Stitches and I got to sample a varies of wine:
-Vidal Blanc
-2008 Norton
-Steinberg White & Red
-A Cream Wine
-and Grape Juice

After taking a tour through a real winery, we traveled all over Hermann and saw two more wineries, visited an amazing museum and had some really great food. Oak Glenn was the spot we liked best because of the music and view over the Missouri hills. really amazing. The day was also relaxing (for me) for the most part. I really hope you all can make it next year.

Oak Barrels at Stone Hill
Oak Barrels at Stone Hill

If you want to read the full report, go check out my journal. There are more pictures and more details about the amazing things we did and saw on the trip.

Event Updates!!!

First: TigerCougar has proposed a Haunted House visit to Necropolis. It is local to Columbia and has a combo deal for hitting more than one house. According to the previous thread those who can make it will head down on the 29th around 8pm. If transportation is needed, please let us know!

Second: Stitches told me that he wants to put together a gun range meet. There are no specifics yet, but he is working on getting information on rates, cost, and how many people he can host at the range he is a member of. We'll keep you posted on what's what for this event.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. See you all at one of the upcoming meets. Have a Happy Halloween!
09:35am 21/10/2011
mood: dorky

For all of those furs out there that are interested, Stitches74 and I will be heading out to Hermann, MO for their annual Oktoberfest!

Set in a picturesque hillside alongside the Missouri river, this will be a full day of winery and museum tours, live music, and authentic German food. Come with us to kick off the autumn season right. Also, it's their final weekend so you know it will be amazing!

For those in Columbia, we'll be meeting at Wabash Station (126 North 10th Street, Columbia, MO) at 8am. For those in Jeff City, please contact Stitches74 directly.

Don't forget to bring a bit of money to help with a gas. If you are interested in the tours, a few of them cost between $5 and $6 per person (see website above) so come prepared.

We only have two seats available so be there early. See you tomorrow!
Announcements and My Weekend 
01:30pm 05/10/2011
mood: rushed
Howdy everyone!

Hope you're have a wonderful week with all this great weather. Just got some updates to drop your way.

First, the KCFur group is putting together a Furry Bowling night (suits not required, but encouraged).

UPDATE!!!! See the offical LJ Journal for updated information if you are interested: http://anthroguy101.livejournal.com/55630.html

Here's the link to the FA journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2778222/

The theme looks like it will be Bronies vs. Nonies (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fans vs. People who aren't fans of the show)

They are still putting together a place and time. I'll keep you all updated if you're interested.

Second, The KC Fur Group now has an FA Page: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kcfur

If you are interested in getting more involved in Kansas City furry events, go check them out.

Third KC Fur Halloween party!!!!!
Time: Show up "anytime." Party "official" start 3pm
Dinner: 6pm (Please bring $$$ for your food.)

Either meet at Red's or make contact if you need a place to change before the walk starts at 8pm, tentatively. We will start at the Gazebo on the East Side of Massachusetts Street. If you miss us, I'm sure you will be able to find the ambling groups of furries carousing Mass Street!
1141 Massachusetts Street
Lawrence, KS

Here's the FurAffinity Page for more information: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2801360/

St. Louis Furry Events
Halloween Party > October 29, 2011

Reposted from Arch Regional Furries Yahoo Group:
Theres going to be a Halloween Party going on at Our new apartment in the Temtor
Building. We had previously sent out an announcement but now that the time is
drawing closer we thought we would include all the information/details.

Whose Hosting: Kota, E, and I
Whats going on: Halloween Party
Whens it happening: 7PM - 3AM (3AM just means we will be quieting down and just
watching movies & relaxing at this point so those who have to work the next day
can get some sleep)
Where Will it Be: 8125 Michigan Ave, Apartment 315, Saint Louis

What can you do to help?
RSVP: (its always nice to have a general number)
By Phone: 636-577-7178 (or) By Email: Harunaka10[at]gmail.com
(Or if its simpler a response to this on the forum)
BYOB: If you intend to drink please bring your own booze and make referance to
the bottom of this email.
POTLUCK: If your interested in bringing some food, it looks like the current set
up is Potluck so if you wanna share a rockin dish, bring it on over.
GAMES: Totally into some sweet games, if your interested in bringing a game or
two go ahead and we'll make some room. (video games or board games are welcome
but we only have a Wii and an Xbox 360 so if its for a different system, plan

General: Normal stuff guys, we're inviting you to our home please respect our
Booze: If you are intending to drink, we are going to check ID, past that we are
also taking keys. To get your keys back you need to be sobered up. DRINK
RESPONSIBLY, we can understand a couple drinks but passing out on the floor in a
drunken stupor isn't cool.

Wanna crash at our place for the night?
This is perfectly fine but please be sure to give us a little warning so that we
know what to expect. Past that, also remember that if you wanna stay here you
may wanna bring a couple blankets/extra padding (blow up mattress?) as our
floors are literally made of concrete. [If you wanna borrow a mattress we have 2
twinsize (blow up) mattresses we can make available if needed. Have a wonderful
night n.n]

By harunaka10

To change subjects. I went to Minnesota Renaissance Festival last weekend to help take down a booth I work at. While I had some time off I ran inadvertently into Beo The Wolf and Seri The Snow Leopard.

Here's the picture they took of Seri and I: http://imgboot.com/user/BeoTheWolf/Ren-Fest-2011/044.jpg

If you want to see their full album check it out: http://imgboot.com/user/BeoTheWolf/
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Rocky Mountian Fur Con 2012 Registration is Now OPEN!  
06:49pm 27/09/2011
mood: mellow
Reposting from the KC Furs Yahoo Group:

"Greetings Fellow Furs!

At last it is ready! Our new Registration system is ready to go and ready to use. That's right.. Pre-Registration for 2012 is now open. With the new system, there are a couple of changes. You will be asked to sign in and create a security question and answer when you register. This allows you to track your registration, t-shirt and other such goodie purchases as well as purchase upgrades to your membership. Now you can use the system to go from an Attending level to a Sponsor level with just a click of the mouse and all you have to do is pay the difference. Also, Mail-in registrations are done through this same system. So there is no need to print and fill out a separate form any more :) How awesome is that? Register today! If you have any problems, please email Registration@rockymountainfurcon.org

Here are the pricing levels for this year:

($35) Attending Registration level.

Convention Admission
Convention Book

($80) Sponsor Registration level.

Convention Admission
Convention Book
Convention Shirt

($150) Patron Registration level.

Convention Admission
Convention Book
Convention Shirt
Patron Print
Patron Gift (Bandana)

($400) Super Patron Registration level.

Convention Admission
Convention Book
Convention Shirt
Patron Print
Patron Gift (Bandana)
Super Patron Print

Can't wait to see you there!

Director of Marketing - Rocky Mountain Fur Con
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Southwestern Activities  
06:11pm 27/09/2011
mood: mellow

I'm just forwarding the newsletter I got from the Missouri Furs Yahoo Group:

Missouri's Furries Presidential Elections - November 19th
This November's meet is VERY important, as we will be voting on the new President of Missouri's Furries and other positions. Please mark your calenders, arrange time off, save up for expenses, and anything else necessary to ensure you can attend to vote on November 19th.

G.A.M.E. Convention - October 8th
It's that time again. Time to dust off your miniatures, shuffle your decks, calibrate your joysticks, and test-roll your d20s.
Gaming Arts Media Expo is back for its 3rd year! Come join a game or host your own. Cosplay & fursuiting is welcome.
Convention info: http://springfieldgame.com

Need-to-know Info
- 1-day pass is $20 at the door (or Free if you Register to host games: http://springfieldgame.com/gamemasters.html )
- Location: 333 S. John Q. Hammons Parkway - Springfield Expo Center
- Map: http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?a.....&ioride=us

What you'll need to bring:
- Money - $20 for 1-day pass (plus money for food - the Expo center does NOT allow outside food/drink)
- Gear - Bring Tabletop, Board, Card, and Video/Electronic games. Cosplay/Fursuits welcome!
- Notes - No specific meet time, but I'll be hosting the following games:

12-3pm - WARS TCG - Beginners' Tournament (Free Prizes for ALL Players)
8 Player slots available on a first-come basis only, no RVSP allowed

8-11pm - My Little Brony: Friendship is EPIC (Ironclaw RPG)
6 Player slots available on a first-come basis only, no RVSP allowed

All Shedules:

The position of Missouri's-Furries President and other positions are open to all members who wish to run
If you would like to run for President or some other volunteer position, simply make it known on our FA main page or Journal, or send us a note or email. You MUST attend the November 19th election to vote and/or run in the elections.

In the running for Presidency:

stitchfan stitchfan (current president)

striker479 striker479 (group member)

kryistina kryistina (group member)

In Other News...
Anyone interested in Halloween Fursuiting? Post a comment.

Upcoming Meets

- November 19th - Big Presidential and Board Member Elections. Everyone can vote, please attend if you can!
The Elections will be held at 12Noon at the Library Center, in the Story Hour room. More details will be provided later.

- December - Possible Branson Theme Park outing. Interested? Let us know how Silver Dollar city would sound to you!

- January - No plans yet. Open for suggestions

- February 18th - VisionCon - Springfield's most epic convention

Hope to see you soon!
Halloween-themed meet? 
10:32pm 16/09/2011
mood: curious
Just wondering if sometime next month anyone wanted to go to a haunted house or something.
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Bonfire tonight! :D Gets lit at dusk. :D 
03:34pm 12/09/2011
  You all are welcome to come by of course!  bring snacks or hotdogs.. etc. ^.^ 

Same place as last time in Jacksonville.. right off the highway. :D
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C ... M ... F Is GO!!!  
12:30pm 07/09/2011
mood: ecstatic
Just a quick, last minute reminder that CMF is THIS weekend! Hope all of you that are going have a good time.
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This Weekend!!!  
12:24pm 07/09/2011
mood: crazy
I will not be here but this is, and I wish I didn't have to miss it!

Roots 'n Blues is here!

This Friday and Saturday, join us in The District for some sweet tunes, a little dancing in the streets, and out-of-this-world BBQ.

The festival runs from 5 to 11 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 9, and from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 10. To make the most of your time, make sure you pick up a festival schedule at one of our District shops or restaurants or go to http://www.rootsnbluesnbbq.com. For the low down on everything from the personalities to the fashion to the food, check out the Columbia Daily Tribune's field guide to the festival.

But most of all, we want to you kick back this weekend and have a great time!

Also, here's some advice for those planning on coming to The District. As always, we thank you for your patience.

Closed Streets
The following streets will be closed starting at 9 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 9, through 4 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 11:

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth streets between Broadway and Locust Street

Seventh Street between Cherry and Elm streets

Eighth Street between Locust and Elm streets

Cherry Street between Fourth and Seventh streets

Locust Street between Sixth and Ninth streets

Elm Street between Sixth and Ninth streets

Streets with barricades will be manned by volunteers to assist visitors.

During festival hours, free parking will be available on a first-come, first-served basis in all city garages, lots and at parking meters on open streets. City parking garages are located at:

Tenth and Cherry

Eighth and Cherry

Sixth and Cherry -Locust Street entrance only, with additional designated accessible parking on the first level.

Fifth and Walnut

Festival hours run from 5-11 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 9, and from 11 a.m. - 11 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 10. Those who hold city parking permits are not guaranteed a space during the festival.

Parking is also available at the university's north campus garages.
Shakespeare's Pizza will provide complimentary bike valet parking at the corner of Ninth and Elm streets.

Vehicles will be subject to towing and city parking enforcement under the following conditions: when it's a matter of public safety, fire safety or hazardous conditions, such as blocking an entrance or exit; when a street is closed; or when a "no parking" notice is posted on meters or other areas.

For more parking tips, check out http://www.parkinthedistrict.com.

Have fun all. Tell how the BBQ was!